Tuesday, April 21, 2009

if i could design 6x1/favfilm

i was and am pretty happy with the way that 6x1 was set up as in what we did. I loved the projects that where assigend to us. Some of them i never about before the class, well new never had the chance to make, like the scratch films, i have seen some inother classes but never made one myself so that was cool. The people in the class where ok,i made some new frineds and got to work with people i might not ever of had, i am glad that the class was small, don't thing that this class would work if if was any biger. it alowed for a fun atomospehre. the only thing that i might have changed would be no to have it jsut on one day, i feel there was so much info to get into that one night that i found myself onverwhelem especial when one project was compliled upon another before one was even half way throug, but that was kind of cool cuz in the real world i gues that is a directors or filmmakesrs wet dream to know you have something to work on right after you get done with this one or work on them at the same time. all in all, good times, o i might not of let the cheez sandwich thing of happend only becuae it got so out of hand in the beging, i didn't even get to see my project play, the anamation, but in the end after the fight it was fun. Experiance with projects, I'd have to give the second project i worked on a six, becuase it ws the one i had a lot of fun making, working with charlie he wasn't into what i wanted to do, but in the end he went all out and had a ball, i like exposing people to my points of view, and havint them see it is fun bing twisted, i loved doing the found footage things that i did alot, i like them becuae it was all me and that it was diffrent from anyone elese, i got lucky with leary what an act! this is what i am in to, and will contiue to do by myself in my room witht the lihts on low, the others were fun but working with people is sometimes a strugle i loved shooting witht he bolex that was a great experiance i haven't done before, didnt like the subject materail, but o well. ALl in all i am so glad i got to take this class before i graduate, wish i would have known about it sooner!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes Men

I just have to break the ice this way, I felt like we were watching a buch smat gay guys turend anarchist. They had great ideas and i loved the hole jump suit that they came up with. Even though the golden rod was a large phalic symbol. I give them props for what they do. as for asinment five, i gues that it fits in to the fact that we are manipulating what exsiting media and make it say something that it might not of ment to say. I love that kind of stuff. I had orginaly wanted to manpualte a film night of the liveing dead but was unalble to save as a qucik time movie, but i sliped upon a video that is a song slah emiphamercial(sp really bad) about VD's vanaeral Diease. when i saw it i laughed so hard that i new that this was the project for me. I was woried to becuase i was going to make bush look like an ass but ihave done that befroe and again said that that would have been a cop out. The thing about the yes men is that they are tying to make people see the evil in what they fight against. by being over the top and outragous. Same as i do with my horror films or other foms of art work. with this viedo ihope to get a laugh about something as serious as VD. but it because if you can't laugh about a serious situation. your not human. There are so many way to get people to see somthing that they normaly wouldn't the yes men take politacle stands againts thing that they don't see fit. I just try to freak people out or to get people to see that man, were all the same, freak normal or retarted. People are people and sometimes it takes someone to piss them off to realise when the lights are out and we are naked we all have skin and share a world beautiful as well as corupt, why the hate i will never understand. (wow i think i just shead a tear)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

C. Sandwich

thoughts about that night conflicting, with i like it all but then parts sucked. Let me explain. I got out of class at six ate somefood and went to the jengos, i went in and was told no more room and that the class was cancled. I was like what the F, so i called Chalie and learnd of the email, but wasn't for sure what it ment becase it was hard to hear him with all the comtion, so i got pissed and left and walked down town and went to pravada. Two dollor yenleng, i was like hell yeah, there were only two people at the bar so i talked with the hot bartender for a bit about what went on, she must of felt sorry for me so she started making shots for me that i have never even herd of before, One of them she said would have costed me like eight dollors! I so about eight thirty i call charlie again to see, any news, and if maybe if i could get a ride, no ride he said he wasnt going to get there till ten so i was like man i am not even going to go, the bar started to get people in some of the girls i was most deff going to hit on and the beer keep coming, so at about nine i decided i was going to go and see what the deal was, i had this video in my pocket and i wanted it to bee seen, so i order another cocktail and a beer down those and leave at nine twenty. stumble my way to the place and see a few of my classmates any skip ahead, We get in, everyone is drinking which makes me happy cuz i was a little tipsy and was afraid i would be the only one someone says dollar beer and i am like i am home, i get one and start to mengle, i talk with dustinand his girlfried for a while and finaly the films are ready to show, i was nervouse about my film as i am at any showing, but it was the first one, which i thought kind of sucked becuaese the first ones are always forgot about by the end, i didnt get a reaction really out of the film, it was funny but not ha ha funny like the other kids films, o well i was happy with it. and it turned out to be a good, night, i am glad i went, i feel that the cheeze sandwich thing kind of blew our class out, but it was cool having not just our class see our work. So after that i dipped out and stubled home, feeling acomplished and a little unknown, i am dieing for my films to have a biger impact on people, i dont know hate them yell at me, riot, i am just not pushing the buttons enough i gues, or my films suck really that bad. o well i'll find a way to do eventualy, it was a blast working on my pice, that leary guy gave himself to me, as i watched his interview i was like thank god for timothy leary, he is a cheature for displasure, and manipulation. I am having a field day with archive.org i have been looking for a web site like this for so long, to pratcie more of my foundfootage films, the only problem is how long it takes you to find somthing really intesting, becuae there is so much stuff on there. anyway, all in all if i had to do last night again and again, i would happlily embrace the moment.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Rough Theatre

my hole fliming profesion has been a rough theatre, i have never really had, until recently had the greatest equment to make my films, but that never stoped me. i remember the first film i made i was like 13, and the hole theme was me saying good bye to my friends, i was moving and wanted the film to get passed around to everyone after i left, it was one of those old vhs cameras, i say in my room made a wearwolf film, it was horible, but i loved it and so did my friends, moving on i met up with a group of cats called Klucking films we made horror films with a mini dv camer and was eding on i movie witich would crash every five min, they now have a film out in cerkit and one of mine that i did make up and cameoed in i hear is making a mark on the side, but what i am saying is i am the type of film maker who dosn't worry about what i have i use what i have, give me something that records and i will make a film i don't even need a story i'll make one with what ever i film, i mean i write scripts but i like to rather have an idea then a concret thing i have to fallow, people are so eager to get dirty and bloody, works for me, throw in a killer of some kind some other adult materail and make the film in the editing room, again this is not professional and i have since really moved away from that but i still just like to go out and shoot, gorila style. at home my cpu has window film somehitn on it and i have made really intresting films with it, i don't have a way show the world so that sucks but i do when i have friends or new people over to my house. what i hope my rough theatre to come is a much more sinester play house, with the tools and a family who dies to make films of the odd and strange and beautifly grotesque.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Molotov Man

This is a great story of how one persons work of art can be taken and made into anothers in a diffrent format. Is is right, fare who is to say. This is america, the land of the rip off artests. Everyone steels from everyone, nothing is orginal mearly a newly shaped mold of orginality. I do belive that joy garnett should have given rights to the orginal person who took the picture, but i do not belive that the orginal artis, photograpehr, should of jumped the gun to ask for permission before each showcasing. SHe should have been happy that the her orginal work insiperd someone else to take it into another direction. I do see feelings hurt. everyone needs the satifiying pleasuer of saying yeah i did it first, hes just copying what i already did,. a nose too the air and swift hand through the clean blond hair. this is an intense photo turend into alomost every diffrent type of propagada it could have been made. People should relise when you makesome thing, that is powerfull other poeple are going to use it. paitings are made to bee seen they have a message, and what the orginal message might not be that to who sees the painting, i too am guilty of taking pictures of the internet and using them in my films. I have about three films that i have made using songs from my fav artis and used pics to conve what the songs mean to me, do i fear posting them becuase of infrenment, no i fear them for content. i would love for the artists who worte the songs to see the video i made, acording to how the song affected me an to what i take from it. but i do not call the music my own, i would give them rights, the images, i din't take them i manuiplated them and as for where i got them, this thing the internet. google images is heaven for finding any kind of pic you want,. if someone put it there it it, i belive free for grabs, unless it is on a .com or .what ever with a direct link to a person name, bio and leagal creadibility, screw them. i see the fight and understand that i too would be pissed if some one, coppied my art, but if someone took my art and ran wit it in a direction i didn't see myself, all i would want is to be cited as orgianl creator, thats it and maybe some mony, but i would be done with that pice and would have already come up with something better and even more cool then what they had redone.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

48 hour shot

to shot this i think i may plan to do what i did in 201 with shanon, we used still frame images to convay a story, priacting the importance of telling a story useing the all of what is in the frame. This was easy for me to do, i did n't a short called how to kill a zombie in our groups freestlye in which i wrote, Still writeing, directed. and didn the spf make up for. this is really all i can think of i will barow a regular camera and let the images tell the story, while also using sound as a big soruce of support, no diolge i hate usuless diolge somtimes, espicaly for a shoot like this one could spree up some crappy diolge to get their point acroos but i feel if useing still frame images diolge is unneccessary if one shoots the story right. Actualy i am afraid of this project becuase of how much time it will take and how little i have, i have other classes that are taking up so much of my free time. doing this over two class days is concrrning me. as well if we did this on a weekend i can't aford to take off work, espcialy witht he ecconomy my job is so shaky and i just have to keep it until at lest i grad. as of what i want to shot. man i don't know, of corse i want to do somehing grotesqe. someone will probly die, and the object that we get might be the murrder weoapon, or maybe a zombie spin off, or a vamp short. i don't know something i can esaly pull off over one night or evening quick then hit the edidting lab to make a story. something i can use only a couple of actors who in this case will be friends. damn mabe a love slasher monster in the closet. i don't know. i know that this will be tough and be a lot of work. but thats whats its all about.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


it was really great to see the film again after have worked on one myself., People don't understand what goes in to making a film untill they undergo the process themselves. I reconsed some of what they did to make what we see on film. THese gues must have a lot of time and a lot of passion in what they are doing, seeing how long it took me and charile to make a one minute film i can now respect the work that they do. Its something so diffrent. Now when i looked at what they do i see not just moving images but hard labor. It fun like coloring in a coloring book when you have an out line and you can color it in any way you want, even going outside of the lines. I wish i had more knowlege of hw to do sound manipulation and more time to learn more tech. It was neet to see all of the classes work I enjoy this style of film making and will keep an eye out to see what the film junkies do next.